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add more rbs some people miss beleth , trasken and etc.add bonus instances like the og balthus anthaas expedition. and isnt it time to go to the next chronicle.rework or add some og skills probably or return old hunting spots like chromatic islands,steam corridor, make parnasus great again, do something with the balok instance , forgotten cave or smtn and rework the paliaka questline. people dont go to og kama so either remove or idk. why is the awakening questline so f'd up these stones in reliquary of the giants or tomb of souls are useless they are just deco.harnak is gone , belis labyrinth is gone.that quest is so easy like fr and some mobs need a rework like istina ,raider crossroads , tavern ,shadow of mother tree,atelia and garden of spirits, fairy settlement since its not a newbie zone anymore and add the faction stuff back

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so its annoying while your not on pc and someone give u res and dc so why no add auto res.I noticed jewelslike amethyst,and cat yes are missing in crafting add them and make cheap crafting for spiritshots . bring back pet quests and appearence stones for weapon/armor and bosses like ekimus tiat and their farm zones

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Certain jewels were purposefully omitted from the ncwest version of L2 to make the promotions more relevant. These jewels will never dome into crafting, and besides like you can craft anything with the crafting system due to such low compounding rates.


Apearance stones for weapons wont be coming back since "weapons cause lag" but its more likely they dont want to adapt old models for new classes.

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