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"New" monthly mission same reward as last month one


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Hey guys, @Hermes, @Wissp

For the second month in a row our final reward for collecting  mission points is the +0 +5 hero circlet! 

Could you please fix this?

Not only you replaced the TOP for DYE powder (IMPRINT)... which is basically useless.. and now we get the same reward.

If you want people to engage in game again, please make it attractive for us.

The TOP was great, they changed the market, trades happened, players got excited, we even had war and pvp on the zones.. thats what you expected with this function no?

Thank u so much for reading.

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Personally, I have expressed my opinion several times in this forum as well.
I don't know if the sadistic component of those who manage the server is stronger, or the masochistic one of those who play it.
Usually, the two things are closely related.
You see, dear gentlemen of NcSoft, a game has rules.
But the beauty of the game lies in giving everyone the chance to have a chance.

1) There are undoubtedly very good players, very strong and very "skilled"...

2) ...and then there's a huge mass of players who are literally stuck.

3) Stuck with weapons +7, with armor +3 (+4 if one piece), with A grade jewels.

4) But above all blocked because the server is closed, restricted for exp and for farming.

5) Areas where the exp is too little for their potential and their level.

6) INSTEAD Zones where their level and their potential are not sufficient (there is only TOI and LOA).

I am unable to judge what direction NcSoft will take to solve this problem.
Much of the downfall of this game has been due to the fact that so many players have become disaffected NOT with the difficulties of the game, but with the IMPOSSIBILITY of being able to continue.

The customer is the soul of the server.

If you don't keep your customers close and loyal, they have made, are and will continue to make choices.
They won't reward you.

You have areas of the map so deserted that the mobs themselves wonder what happened to the players.

If you don't understand it, dear NCsoft gentlemen, who need new areas, new stimuli, and above all to intercept the needs and desires, NOT of the TOP players, but of the mass of players who live in an intermediate and interlocutory situation, without seeing the possibility of further developments for their gaming.
Maybe more castles/sieges would be needed (I honestly didn't understand why only Giran... this causes a desertification of bored users...)
Like many others, I will probably still continue, I don't know for how long;
Paraphrasing Dominic "Dom" Toretto in Fast & Furious:
"I live this server a quarter mile at a time, or, one maintenance at a time..."

Best Regards,

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