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Tank LF CP


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I'm Looking for new CP.

Class: Tank Eva's Templar lv 102.

Dual: Iss Hierophant lv 100 ( almost 101 )

subs: 80/80.

I want a cool cp/clan with people can help in pve, have action and be active. 

Honestly I've always been a player for pvp, but the game has become expensive and, 
I need to go little by little exploring the pve / pvp. 
I'm looking for a CP with honest and organized people. 
My schedule is based on playing on schedule gmt +2 or gmt -3 both are cool for me.


My gears: Dont have much but if i found a cp i can improve azap

acttualy i have:

Set r99 blessed heavy + 6

Cutter R95 2SA +7

Longing talisman

Abundance lv 

Basic Jwls: B.Zaken. Antharas. Tezza Soul. Tauti, Baium. Creation and QA soul

Dyes: All lv 5 legendary + Str

Brooch: Diamond lv 4, Tanz Lv 4. Opal lv 4. Garnet lv 3, Emerald lv 4, Topaz lv 3, Obsidian lv 4, Ruby lv 3,

Venir: lv 15

Belt: Special PvP defense/ PVE Defense.


Pm me in game on chronos: JesseJames.

Also if someone wanna start a cp with me leave a txt in game .    "JESSEJAMES"




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