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Legendary cloak enchanting bug


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Not a clue what you were trying to tell... you don't like the color of the scrolls?

I suggest to reformulate the message, or use google translator to get a more clear explanation in order to give you a hand on whatever you are trying to get some help

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when you look to that picture what did you see wrong ? I asume you know the game . Its a +2 legendary cloak rite ? its not strange to you that for a +2 legendary cloak doesnt exist enchant scroll at that color ? and the success rate is only 17% ? I try to say that I enchanted like you see in the imagine a +2 legendary cloak but the game didnt enchant that cloak he enchanted another cloak that was +15 . link on youtube maybe this will help you understand   the bug  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/yr5azLzcpmY

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I guess the first message was confusing because you mentioned something about the color of some scroll on a picture

Different thing is with the video on the second message.

I understand you have several cloaks and at least 1 was +2, and another one was +15. You used a scroll to enchant the +2 with 17% success rate (personally if I see that success rate I just run XD  )

BUT, as also seen in the video the scroll was applied by the system on the +15 and not on the +2, and with that awesome success rate you wrongly ended with a +14 cloak.


!.- Not detailed on the scroll, but I remember on some NPC or other scrolls, the system warns you about thee need of having only one item on the inventory of the same kind when enchanting/upgrading/augmenting or so... probably the warning was to avoid situations like the one on your video

2.- YES, to me it looks perfectly as a game BUG

Suggestion: Contact Helpdesk by creating a ticket and including the link to your video, but also as a suggestion, try to do a minimalist explanation, something like...

"Trying to enchant a +2 cloak but sadly the system applied the enchanting scroll and failed over another that was +15, so I ended with a +14 cloak by some kind of BUG,

please restore my cloak back to +15 AND DON'T USE MY RESTORATION TOKENS as this was just a BUG. Please see the video on the link to confirm what I say"

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My opinion is that they don't have much time left on their contract and they are doing nothing but collecting dollars as much as possible until they close the business.
They don't do any promotion of the game, they don't bring new events, they don't solve anything in support, they ignore customers, they lie to customers, they treat customers with indifference, they don't have qualified employees, they don't manage to fix bugs, in other words they predicted that the game does not live long and tries to collect dollars as much as possible.
In addition, they close the tickets from the support without being resolved, they simply close them, delete certain tickets, more recently, posts on the forum have started to be deleted.

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