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Augmenting Stone: Exalted Weapon


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Hi. I bought the Blessed Exalted Armor Bundle and it came with an Augmenting Stone: Exalted Weapon. I used it on my dual class weapon to xp faster and then i tried to remove the augument stone to augument my main class weapon but i didn't know it could be destroyed.

My question is: can i somehow get that stone without having to buy the armor bundle again?


Augmenting Stone: Exalted Weapon - https://l2central.info/main/items/81489.html?lang=en

It's not this one - https://l2central.info/main/items/81200.html?lang=en

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30 minutes ago, KazAnakiuS said:

You can't remove the augment stone to place on an other weapon, but you can exchange your augmented weapon for an other exalted weapon, and the augment will stay with it.

Go to Hein, Lionel Hunter, and chose "Change the type of an exalted equipment"

But i don't have the augument stone anymore because i removed it thinking that i could place it on another weapon. Is there anyway to get that augument stone without having to buy the blessed exalted armor bundle?

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12 hours ago, KazAnakiuS said:

or maybe you can create a support ticket, to see if they can restore it for you.

Hi. I've got some good news. I have created a support ticket and they were able to restore the stone.

Thank you for your sugestion 👌

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