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  1. We should not wish for a merge to happen, because it will be the last merge. After that, the next step would be to shut it down entirely. There used to be, 7-8 servers if i remember correctly? Devianne, Bartz etc. With every merge, we come 1 step closer to the end of the game. If we love this game, we should wish that NC makes the right choices to make them both heavy again. I hate seeing them Light every day.
  2. I ve done it too, but you can not carry a group with your dmg at 110 dailies if you are 113. You have to be an additional DD, not the main one. I can solo dailies 105, and can hardly help at 110. The difference between the 2 instances is great. Unless ofcourse if you have 10+ trillion gear!
  3. 113 is not enough. Still yellow mobs, lvl penalty, miserable dmg.
  4. Hello, The +5 Artifact P.Atk Fighting Spirit, in game gives 6% p.atk. In your event webpage information table, it says 7%. Which one is wrong?
  5. Thanks for the help! I use cocktail, rose, dragon and beer in IOS. The ones that I get from Castilla. I have Elmore +7 In IOS 2, I can only hunt single target. AOE would get me killed. Single target there, I make 290/hour which is less than the 350/h that I make in IOS 1 I ll try to find you in game, to give me a little help with the macro used to farm 2 spots if you dont mind! So, there is such thing as lvl pentaly? I was suspecting there should be a penalty at yellow and red mobs, but never had a confirmation about it.
  6. 113 Sagittarius +4 p.atk / +4 p.skill power / +4 p.skill critical dmg
  7. I have answered on your list... I have all the items that you mention, even more, but still cant farm IOS 2
  8. Then I really need your advice Are you in Chronos? Would you spend 5 mins with me to have a look at my build?
  9. So, I guess the 350/hour is the cap of IOS 1. The most you can make there. But unfortunately, although I make 350 in IOS1, i make 290 in IOS 2, as I am not strong enough to kill fast there... That is why I said, that my prediction is that in order to farm effectively there, you need to be 115 with 4+tril of gear. Are you somewhere near that?
  10. Yes, in IOS 1, i do 350m/hour. This is not farm. This is rediculous. Before they nerf IOS 1, I was doing arround 650-700m/h so, I started buying IOS recharge stones to farm 3 hours there and make 2b. Now that they nerfed IOS 1, I have no reason to buy an IOS stone, as they cost exactly as much as I make. 350m cost - 350m earn. IOS 2 and TOI is where the money is, and you need to be top player to farm there.
  11. Just WOW. I thought Naia was cheaper than Chronos..
  12. I see you speaking of 500b gear to farm effectively and It seems so far from reality! I am 113 Yul with arround 2Tril Gear and I still can't farm IOS Stronghold II and TOI where the real farming is. Farming IOS stronghold I and Storm Isle, give a sum of arround 500m. + a good PI run with Destiny pack would give arround 500m worth of scrolls to sell + 200m for the rest of the day hunting in Open areas + maybe some loot from a Crisis box = 1.4b/day. Believe me... 1b to 1.4b/day is NO FARMING! With a Red Cat lv5 costing 160b, one would need 4months of hunting to get it.
  13. I craft regular SS while hunting. When you are dealing damage you regenerate MP, so crafting at the same time, is like having infinite MP to craft as many as you need.
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