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Quest chain intended to stop?


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Since I started theres been a really nice chain of quests to follow, like a main path. It took me to my first class transfer and rewarded me with a pack with C grade armor/weapons for my new class. The quest chain took me to Heine, then to alligator island, and it appears to have ended there. Im level 45 now, and im not really sure if this is where the old grind kicks in or if im still suppose to be following a progressive quest chain. I got no indicator of who to report to next, im basically sitting here thinking do I just hit up hunting grounds now? Is this intended?

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You should get an alert (bottom of your screen next to menu options) as you reach certain level points.  I believe for Ali Island you need to reach level 46 to get the next destination scroll and quests.  Usually you won't reach that level just doing the quests, so you'll need to do raid bosses or some grinding between quests to get to the next breakpoint.  IIRC, when you first get the scroll it sends you to an NPC in town, who then gives you a scroll to the area you'll be killing in.  When you first port in or just after you talk to the first NPC at the hunting zone you'll get a display on you're screen that will tell you something along the lines of "hunt here until your xx level". That's when you'll get an SoE to the next zone/area.

Hope this helps.

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Here you go https://l2wiki.com/Quests_for_Levels_40—74. Generally people would do the Kekropus quest chain and kill a raid or two in between to get to the next chain of quests. As Egglands mentioned, there will be an alert when a new quest chain starts but if you don't see it just restart.

WARNING: If you're doing raids (especially with the free 100% XP runes/Wind of Bard buff) in between be careful not to get too close to level 61 before you start doing the chain of quests beginning with Kekropus' Letter: Decoding the Badge. This is because those quests give a lot of XP and you can easily fly past level 61 so you may not be able to claim the free Paulina's A grade set from The Broken Device. Then you'll be stuck with your crappy C grade set until you finish the 3rd class transfer where you'll get S grade (if I'm not mistaken, you can't de-level between 1-85).

After 75 -> https://l2wiki.com/Quests_for_Levels_75—84 (some of it may have been removed).


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