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Destroy the game why NC?

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@Wissp @Hermes Just a question: Do you both will spend 5k dollars in a game to got nothing back? Just potions, not even a CAR?

The game is going to death if NC Team not stop with these promotions that give nothing to players (or if give some item will fail when you will try to use).

Like iAndouille said: frustration after waste lot of dollars to got nothing in back.

Like iHyperlite said: never see a company that just want destroy their own product.

Or ur team stop with this ultra low rates to get in promotions boxes and super low rates to try to enchant/compound anything, or this game will die in some months.

Stop this, you already got a lot of money of ur customers and never try to do what the customers are talking to NC Team. Always u do the opposite, this why? u hate us too much i think.

Well i know, this post will be deleted in 5 minutes.... now 4, now 3......

Btw KDAV3R here from Naia server.

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The end of the game is near.
They love your money.
You owe yourself, you pay and nothing in return, so why and with what right are you complaining. If there's something wrong, and you spend money with each other, you don't win, you stubbornly spend money and you don't win again, then you're not guilty by any chance? They get what your money likes. So much for crying or asking for nothing for years, QQ your future.
Brutal true!

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On 1/25/2023 at 12:03 AM, Jubbei said:

I dont understand bc another Regions like Japan , Taiwan and Korean still good nowaday so why NC WEST doing that...

I would say because of NCwest staff is not interested and probably not qualified to do the job , forum GM's have more knowledge about the game than GMM or Lead dev that's sad.. 

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