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Death Knight question

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just wanted to ask, I have a Kamael zerker and a BD, both lvl75 now stuck on the "reach lvl76" quest.

Since I did my dailies decided to create a new char to try it out and went Death Knight.

When lvling up I did not get any aden gear, instead I keep getting d grade > c > b, etc..

Question is, is this Death Knight specific or is it because of the new patch? 

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nvm, made a new char and answered my own question. New patch just gives you gear. Shame my main has theca c grade at lvl 75 and a soon to be obsolete +12 aden weapon

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You can create a new char, lvlup him to 61 (or 64 dont remember) and transfer all gear to your main through dimensional merchant. But be careful, now new toons delete in 30 days.

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