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New maintenance time - too much gets broken

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So, for EU players it will be during the main activities time - 10pm UTC

You will mess up at least several things which came to my mind:

  • Kaddin (which should spawn during the time when maintenance will be and despawn during that time)
  • Olympiad (which is entirely within this maintenance time)
  • Daily activities when people come after work to have some fun
  • No way to restart parties, as even for UK/Ireland/Portugal it will be 11pm (during summer), add 2-3h of maintenance - anywhere from 1am to 2am, when everyone will be sleeping, whole 8h of farm lost, for countries further east it is even worse
  • probably several more things
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In Spain is GTM+2 in summer time, so 10 pm UCT it's 00:00 for the start of maitenance, 3 o 4 hours due delays of last maitenance... yeah! you can log at 3 or 4am in a Europe server time. Well done, thanks for always think about improving...

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