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BAYLOR Extra Pass not working


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for quite some time the Baylor Extra pass which been sold via the l2store and also the pass which dropped in the pass is not working to get a 2nd time into the instance.

Been submited already and they forwarded to the QA Team and said no more updates to me.... 

@Hermes @Hyunkel lf a fix on that. Passes been paid for ncoins once.


More and more stuff you sell via l2store gets removed without compensation (Gran Kain Scrolls via Loot Boxes) or not working.

This way there will be no sense to buy any consumables or alike from you

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Hello, Siri.

The QA team is still working on fixing the issue, and we apologize for the delayed process.

If you wish for a restoration of your L2 coin, please submit a ticket to the Customer Support.

Thank you.


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