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Proposal to GM_EVA and Wissp for "The L2 Pass"


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Dear @GM_EVA   & @Wissp Good day,

Why you are not considering starting again "The L2 Pass"  and use it for helping the community with the missing Greater Rune Stones.

As suggestion 1 non-tradable can be the reward for the free run and one non tradable can be the reward for the premium accounts.

Do not need to tell you that most of the players will purchase the premium, which will benefit your company with sales and in the same time bearing in mind the non-tradable options for the greater runes will not harm in any way the server economy ( which is anyway broken ).

I can assure you that you will have more sales then the usual .. and in the same time community will be happy.

It is not that hard just once to make us happy .. this will not cost you anything ..just opposite will bring you money.

In this way it is not for free.. we have to make some efforts to kill mobs and of cource in order to learn the 110 new skills we will have to spend some money as well.

Here is a link to the one of the "The L2 Pass"  which was held in the past:


Thank you for the attention to reading this and the eventual feedback.


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and they can make money to...

with 1440 ncoins..many people buy if is a good reward

i saw many people buy l2 pass..if good reward.

so..a good day to make some $$ for ncoins and we can get something for those 1440 ncoins.


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Make a L2 Pass with a tradeable Greater Rune Stone as the last reward for 1.440 Ncoin and you would get some very nice income and all this Greater Rune Stone dilema would end for some time.

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