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is there any follow up on the requests many asked for?

freya scroll extention timer  , they delete  in 12 hrs or less ...   you were going to look into it !!!


We apologize for the delayed reply.

We have delivered your request for the extension of Freya's Scroll of Storm.

I will share related information here if there is any update from them.

Sorry that we cannot confirm anything yet.

Thank you.


that was like 17 days ago?



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27 minutes ago, GM_EVA said:

Can u fix this fail Event please ? Half of server are out , because they are bored of these mistakes....every Event we get mistakes , from these boxes we get nothing only scamm , I opened allot of Boxes from january untill now and dint get a gr rune stones or any top item from these boxes and not only me , have allot of spenders friends on naia , nobody got nothing...cmon do something with this game or we get All bored soon....and please write rates of items from these boxes to see people if worth to buy or not these boxes , and please do something with mobs and dailies , I have mid gear and still not enought to farm  in toi , why mobs hit so strong and we hit less dmg then mobs ?! Why I am able to farm ToI only with dk and not with yul? Please thinking about mobs Damage in toi , thanks and have a nice day ...and can we get an compensation for these mistakes ? @GM_EVA  @Wissp

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