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fallen angel ring bug description


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hi, in fallen angel ring in the ring description in inventory says p.atk/p.skill/m.skill critical damage BUT if u go in ur passive skills u gonna see that says : standard/p.atk/m.skill critical dmg. Not have P/M skill critical dmg but 2 times the normal atk critical dmg. Remember, if is not a typo then we dont get p.skill critical dmg boost. The real boost of the each item depends of the description in the item passive skill each character . Please, we must we khow what really happen there and you need to fix that because that ring must be give and the p.skill critical boost based in the official khowledge of the lineage 2 live items. Also, if u check and descriptions of other items u gonna see differences between inventory descriptions and item passive description. One other item is also the greater aqua which have different description between inventory and item passive, must give all the skill cooldown. Item passive give the real boost and we need clear what we get or not in the descriptions of each item. 


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