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LF people for CP (preferably EU based) 114-118


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I am looking for players to make a CP to do dailies and DT.

Its no secret that with all the times dungeons it is really hard to get a group of people together that are always on the same page.  EIther on personal schedule or in game.

While the classic concept of a CP is that the party does everything together, Dethrone has changed that. With only 29 hours of  commitment in DT, you can get more XP than you would XPing 24/7 outside of it.

As per the title,
I am looking for people between the levels of 114 and 118, you must use prestige and have gear to be able to survive in DT.
I am an archer (about to hit 116) and I also have a friend (evis 117)

We are looking for :

We can do 2x Iss setup if we get to that point.

Throw me a forum pm here with your class and gear

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