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Greetings to every1!

Im looking to play on the essence server, but im in a dilema on which server to start. Im from eu but the idea of a fresh server intrigues me. Is there any population on guardian server in comparison to the other two servers?

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Guardian  - Less than 5 months 

Guardian is pretty new, there is a low possibility of acquiring items through NCsoft (only a few boost packs and A-grade items) 

Most of the events are consuming Adena instead l-coin that is good if RMT wasn't a thing that exist, ppl selling Adena is still an issue, so in the end, the game is still p2w. The population is deficient, but you can really enjoy IDLE grinding during weekdays because there is no pvp on open fields (only at instances)

Blackbird/Elcadia - More than 2 years

Those servers are twin (as essence are projected to be) so there is a Global Marketing (using lcoin) that you can buy the same items on both, the events are all money oriented (expend more, get more) you for sure can profit some lcoin but never at the level to really be competitive (and you never will unless expend more than 100k USD on gears).

Even with good Gears, you will need lvl, (if you have Gears you may be able to lvl faster) you can make around lvl 76~80 in a day (24 hours), if get lucky. Since there is no event to new players (as they do when they release a new update) you may find it boring to reach at least 85, a minimal level to make all the main daily stuff. 

The collection you will be late too.

People will PK you, always, the fields are full of farms (most Overlord and SoulHonds) it's hard com complete initial quests because of it.


I'm not sure if you're familiarized with Essence, but this version is for solo players, max a really small group, there is very few options to enjoy this game in a group ou duo, the clan events are boring and don't give any real reward that worth the effort to be around 2 hours doing it once a week.

If you really want to start Essence on NA, pick Guardian, but don't expect much more than an Idle game with a microtransactions casino. 

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