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Aden Server Maintenance - October 24, 2023


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Aden Server - 10/24/2023 Maintenance

3:00 PM PDT on 10/24. See your timezone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/c387f5f6

Estimated Downtime:
~3 hours and 30 minutes


  • The Halloween Rabbit Hunt event will start for 3 weeks!
  • The Halloween Shop event will start for 3 weeks!
  • The Festival Shop Reward supply for items grade 1 and 2 will be adjusted in Guardian!
  • The Attendance event will end!
  • The Hunter’s Paradise promotion will end!
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PVE server with no party matching,  and a few people dominate this server . No chance to actually get a RB . Now you cant buy anything unless you buy  L1K to pay for it, and the math is waaaay off. This server is a joke with the amount of DCs with lost adena., yes this is only game I play where I get dc every time I go to a training dungeon. NC has really screwed this server, we waited forever for a PVE server, Adios

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