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New player, want to know what to do.

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Hello there!!!

I started not long ago to really play the game (i played a few years ago, but left shortly after, because Summoners sucked, and that's my favorite class), and i would like to know what can i do, where to level up after the long (and boring) exalted quest and its 40.000 proof farming; where to farm for adena, or mats, or better gear, that kind of stuff.

So all tips, suggestions and advice is welcome.
Thanks in advance!

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For Exalted quest...

lvl 100 Blazing Swamp

lvl 101 Hellbound

lvl 102 Beleth's Magic Circle or Deser Quarry

lvl 104 Phantasmal Ridge

lvl 106 Silent Valley or Ivory Tower Crater

lvl 108 Tanor Canyon

lvl 110 Neutral Zone


Forget about getting adena or materials, you will start getting some later on at lvl 110 only if you are well geared and materials are reduced to 5 basic ones you will also need later on.

Just do the Daylies instances in party and Castilla as solo, other than that not much to do

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