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choosing hero Tyrant vs Warsmith


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Hello all!

Still have time before the start, so I enjoy theorycrafting late at nights considering which class to pick. Had experience with warlock, hawkey, destr, sps on C4, want to try something totally new. This could be a tyrant or a dwarf (looking at warsmith more closely). When choosing I try to imagine what my gameplay will look like. Please correct me if I am thinking wrong:


con: somewhat slow single target farm; somewhat under-geared even if using VIP4 tier; no shield - means somewhat volnurable to archers. May be ok at sieges

pro: may be invited on RB parties(this is important), should be able to defend farming spot vs equally geared opponent. (looking at ideal 1 v 1 case). Stays relevant at higher lvls;with good items can be very dangerous at small scale PVP; should be good in catacombs/necropolis, when they eventually? arrive


con: never invited on RB (right? right?:sadface:); is not meant to be able to defend farming spot; might not be invited on raids; even with top gear does not become a pvp machine

pro: unique for dwarfs crafting/trading (if ws) aspect of game; rich, so should have better gear than av. opponent, which may help to defend spot; can farm fast with Polearms (until probably late 60+); relevant on castle sieges; doesn't care about stupid archers since always has a shield; should be good in catacombs/necropolis, when they eventually? arrive


Did I miss something? Is it all true or delusional?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. sorry for formatting, I am stupid newb and lazy.

P.P.S For information I will probably play 3hrs per day with 1 box with vip3 or 4.

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Monk is a very good class, he already has one long range attack with 20+ lvl with good damage, and despite the apparent slowness of the same mage / bow he kills with 1-2x strokes, enough good lvl hp also has stun skills. 

Its only drawback in these chronicles is that there is very little money here, and they are rocked into a single target very hard. One D cartridge / nipple costs 8-9 adena that would kill one monster you need to hit 8 no less, with a 25-30 level monster falls 12-15 Aden

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