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How do i get more hp?


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Several ways, aside from standard ISS buffs (Note: I am probably forgetting some):

- Ability Points (defensive tree for example has 24% in first 3 rows)

- Dual Skill Certs (I believe it's 6% Max HP per level, up to 24%)

- Higher level (as you level up your max HP gets higher)

- Take Prophecy of Wind instead of Drum Melody (PoW gives 20% Max HP, drum doesn't add to Max HP at all)

- Dual Maximum HP toggle (as you level your Dual Class up, you level up a toggle skill that gives increases your max HP up to 2k at lv99 dual)

- Clan Skills  (6% at lv 4 Clan Condition)

- Higher Seed Talisman (upgradable from Infinity/Destruction up to Insanity all increases Max HP by more and more)

- Weapon SA ('Body' from a Kain gives flat Max HP, there are other combinations that gives, for example, Max HP+Cast Speed from a Lionel, 'Sigel' option 3rd SA gives 15% Max HP)

- Weapon Dark/Bloody (Simply having a Dark or Bloody weapon adds 10% Max HP)

- Increasing CON/CHA  (Can be done through Exalted Quests, Accessories, Dyes/Tatoos, Enhanced Bracelet)

- Prestige Pack/Evas Rune (Gives 10% Max HP)

- Higher grade Belts (Rulers Authority belt gives 1k, Ekimus and Lidia and Chef give around 300 or so to max HP)

- Consumables (Freya's Art of Seduction gives 30%, Pa'agrio's Blessing gives 10%)

- NCoin Shirts like Elemental and Shiny (Give ++ to Max HP, must wait for an event to roll around)

- I *think* you get higher HP values when you wear higher ++ armor (though I could and probably am mistaken)


Hope this helps.

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double word, spell out PoW
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On 12/26/2017 at 1:31 PM, Einflash said:

Thank you,maybe u know how to get a pet wolf?I searched google it said to go to pet manager and take a quest but it dont work.

I think you prolly found guide to old repeatable quest, now the quest is one-time per character and it's completely in Gludio(don't need to teleport around to different Towns/NPCs)


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I just did the quest on a new alt... if the Quests are Red then your Character's level is too low(need 15+ for Wolf Quest and 24+ for Help the Son [Kookaburra]) if the Quests are grey it means they have been completed, if you aren't even getting the Quest list then that is something buggy that I'm not experiencing... you need to submit a support ticket  https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us but prolly won't get any helpful response until after New Years

posted simultaneously lol

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