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Maximizing the reduction of mana consumption! Do you like it? ^^


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How to achieve the greatest reduction in mana consumption? Via items, and skills?

* MP Skill Reduction:

  • [Amulet] Blessed Freya: -5% (Magical)
  • [Earring] Enhanced Octavis: -5% (Phisical)
  • [Earring] Orphen: -5%
  • [Earring] Blessed Antharas: -5%
  • [Abilities] Magician Evas [Magical] or Berserker Coast [Warrior]: -5%
  • [Armor] Light: -4%
  • [Passive Skills] ISS: -6% (Aeore -15% Magical; I do not know the other classes )
  • [Skill Buff - All] Guitar MElody: -10%
  • [Skill Buff - Orc] Soothing Drum: -22% (Refresing Sonata -20%)
  • [Skill Buff - Cry/Wizard Harmony]: -15%


  • Aeore: -82%  Skill MP Consumption
  • ISS: -72%  Skill MP Consumption



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