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BD & PR - LF CP/Group/Future Clan


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Hello world, 

After a long struggle I have managed to post on this forum. And so,

Me and my cousin will be starting on the new classic server tomorrow and are looking for a group to play with. We have both been playing since 2005 and are looking to enjoy some hard-core L2 once again. We both live in the UK, hence, Giran would probably be the logic option to join, however, we are quite flexible on the time zones (for now) and would therefore not mind playing on the Talking Island server either.

I will be playing a BD main (once I reach that level) and my cousin will be maining a Phantom Ranger. We are looking for English speakers to play with, raid with, quest with and in general enjoy our time with. Once again, it does not matter which server, however, any suggestions on which one will be more popular are welcome.

Thank you for reading this and we will hopefully see you in game. 



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Clan Misfits has some UK played in addition to our NA, SA, Asian and other EU players. Sounds like your classes would work well with a few players we have from Wales.  Check out our thread here in recruiting and I can give more info if you need.

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