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Wait what? Account management/launch packs conflict?


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Additionally, Account Management and NCoin purchasing will be unavailable until 9 am PDT | 1800 GMT+1.

But in launch pack FAQ we were told that we will get code to receive launch packs once server starts. So this means we won't be able activate them right away? We will need wait at least 30minutes for it?



Q: How do I claim my Classic Launch Pack items?

PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive a serial code until Lineage II Classic launches on October 3, 2018. When Lineage II Classic launches, a Classic Launch Pack serial code will be applied to your NCSOFT Account, which you will be able to activate at that time.

After Lineage II Classic has launched, you first need to create character on a Lineage II Classic server. This character will be the one you want to receive the items from the Classic Launch Pack. Once that character has been created, log in to your NCSOFT Account on the Lineage II website and go to your “MY Account” page. Click on the “Apply a Code” tab and select “Lineage II” above the Unused Serial Codes window.  Inside the window, select your Classic Launch Pack (either the Journey Pack or the Chronicle Pack) and then click the “Apply” button.  You will then need to select your classic server and the character from the list that will appear. Once selected, the pack will be sent to the in-game Dimensional Warehouse and ready for pick-up from the character you selected.  From there, log back into the game and navigate to a Dimensional Warehouse NPC in the nearest town to claim your pack. Once you open the pack, all of the items included in your selected pack will be placed in your inventory.


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