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Delays mean I have to work now


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Since the maintenance was pushed out until 12:30PDT, about 4 hours longer than originally announced, I won't be able to play before having to go support corporate America. Can someone please stream some of this launch-day goodness on Mixer? Work is dumb and blocks Twitch but leaves Mixer wideopenbby

You guys are great, I know you'll do this for me.

I don't deserve you all.

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2 minutes ago, KABAL said:

3 :)

Was originally set for 4:30-8:30 PDT, then extended an hour to end at 9:30 and now 12:30. so 4 hours from original announcement :)

Edit: But that's not important right now! What's important is my ability to live vicariously while stuck at work. C'mon bby, stream4me

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