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In no particular order:

1) Give us the option to apply both bloody and dark effects onto armor/weapons. Its silly that I cant optimize my gear for both PVP and PVE in atleast this way.

2) Make it so the skill bars can be broken away from each other. I like having all 5 visibile, but I would like to stack them differently/place them in different areas rather than just one giant block.

3) Allow a more broad weapon appearance selection (for example, using 2h fighter weapon apps on 2h magic blunt weapons). Its strictly vanity and adds no benefit other than looking cooler :P

4) We have had 1 shirt event versus the MULTIPLE of each other event since I have returned to game. Especially for the items that can ONLY be gotten from the NCStore events, space them better, on a more consistent rotation, or better yet, add a way to get these items into the game from some sort of quest (thinking about the dim quests for the bracelets, like those) So that people who can afford to just slam $$ into the events can do so when they come around, but those who cannot or miss the events for whatever reason arent stuck like I am at a severe gear disadvantage that is 100% impossible to overcome in any way.

5) Re-evaluate how many items/gear cannot be traded/exchanged. Seriously. Maybe this should have been number 1. Why in gods name can the absolute top end players with level 5/6 brooch jewels freely trade them/sell them (which is just fine) however the lower level brooch jewels 1-4 have to be sealed/unsealed. You're literally punishing the non 1% players. Forcing them to seal a non top end jewel for 113 gem powders, destroying items with an already limited supply is bleeping asinine. The amount of items that should be untradeable is FAR too high, for no reason. Why in gods name can't I trade my enhanced bracelets? What benefit is there to the overall game in any way? Literally none. This method (that may have been well intentioned at the start) serves no purpose except to keep the top end players firmly above those below them, which in a long term sense is bad for the overall health of the game. There exists a gap between the top 1-3% and everyone else that in some senses, can literally never be bridged. I say all of this as someone who has very nearly best-in-slot gear across the board, minus a few things. Its absurd. I would much rather player with many more people who are in comparable gear to mine to enjoy the game better. 

6) You have bluntly stated that drop tables will never be improved in order to "curb potential adena farmers/inflation". While I vehemently disagree with the entire premise of that idea, if thats the "fix" that you want to implement, whatever, but it HAS to be accompanied by some way to earn either straight adena, or gear, in literally ANY kind of way. NONE of the relevant gear/items in this game can be farmed in any reliable way/shape/form/fashion over any amount of time that even the most hardcore players would consider acceptable whatsoever. L2 Revolution was a massive success, that success can also be translated into a resurgence for L2 in general, not just the mobile version. Interest in the game is at an all time high over the last 5-10 years. The players who play L2R that I talk to flat refuse to come back to L2 on the computer because they know VERY well that it is entirely a broken game/system. Seriously. Think about that. Our/your game in its current state is entirely broken and over a period of time is entirely unsustainable as it sits currently. Minor changes would mean it will continue to earn money for your company an order of magnitude longer than it will currently given how bleeped the game is. Even from when I came back roughly a year ago, a server has been shut down, and countless long-time players have quit permanently. Due to the fact that there IS no large/steady influx of new players, every time one of these players quits (and they rarely quit alone, its far more common for 3-5 to quit around the same time) the overall lifespan of the game goes down each time. Im not sure where the breaking point is, but players quitting means we get there faster.


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