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Dragons Random Respawn?

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AiZeN    50

There's been 2 instances of Dragons spawning earlier than usual and there's no "fix" spawn as it was back then and I asked the support if there's a bug or something and all they can say is that it's part of the server settings of to which none was announced nor the first week after the "server settings" was applied 3 dragons spawned all of which spawned at the same time but the next dragons became random spawns and I reported this back to them that there was no such server settings and the bright and respective support of NCwest replied back to me that it was now part of the new "patch: Salvation" and again there's no such thing in the patch that Dragons will be part of the random spawn cause last time I check Dragons are not a field raid and shouldn't be considered as one. I just want a clear answer from Neutron or Hime since if you're such smart cookie to make dragons random which will make dragons a fight on who logs the fastest boxes and probably who clicks the fastest there will be 0% chance of PvPĀ :S

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