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What to pick with duo SE?


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actually,  not an archer,     archer can't  make use of vamp rage nor wild magic.      Archers ideal mate is PP   with haste and berzerk oh and that 20%hp/mp buff.

No live player is going to enjoy following around a nuker for 100 hours.

I Reccommend you play a tank class,  and be the party's foundation.      People will come and go, but every party needs a tank/healer.     Imho  if she is a live player SE,   YOU should duel box an  SK (de tank, single target and offensively oriented)     and a BD.       1-40  the two warriors would function identically, figure out how macro's work,   try macro'ing  a duel between the 2 fighters to test your macro skillz,  because hp/mp is restored upon conclusion.

Or a mage,   mages and SE's  are equals,  even though one does more work than the other.   

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