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PVP Server? Here are my suggestions


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This is just something to think about later on in the future,..

Faction (red vs blue) type partition: Capture the flag, zombies, castle siege battles, battlegrounds, multi-team death match (green, orange, red, blue) etc. Players can either go in with their clan, be automatically teleport in with a random party, or can fight solo. Players vote for the next play type.

My suggestion would be pvp server(s) with the award system. Players start out at level 61 with second class transfer and A grade equipment. Max level 76 and S grade (for now) with ALL LIVE classes. The award system is there to award players for so many pvp kills for materials to make higher grade equipment. The best way for players to level up would be killing other players (PVP's) for experience to get materials boxes, adena, etc. GM buffer can give you certain amount of buffs, dances, and songs for an hour. To get PoF, PoW, etc players would have to level a healer. Players can get small amount of experience through killing monsters to spoil for materials, killing lesser raids in other areas. Achievement system progresses through the TITLE of each player. (SHIFT - LEFT CLICK) players can look at the player's achievements, look at their equipment, dyes, etc. For example: White title would mean the player have NO achievements, darker red title would mean SOME achievements are finish, and darkest red title would mean MOST achievements are done. Some achievements include: total amount of lesser raid bosses kills, total amount of epic raid bosses kills, total amount of pvp kills, flags captured, olympic wins and kills, total amount of resurrections, total amount of times having hero status, total amount being the last man standing, so on and so forth. In game community tab you can view top pvp kills players, clans with a castle, top achievement players, etc.

In game ncsoft shop: hair accessories, hair styles, suits, etc,..you can pretty much customize the way you want your character to look like. (If you want red tallum light set, with a red hat, and a red pumpkin head with a red mask you can do that)



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