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Overlord LF Clan <Giran>


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My name is GreenCreature and im looking for active Clan that i could join! As you know, Overlord can't buff random people in party, we are limited to buff Clan members! So having Overlord in your Clan works two ways!
1. You have a class in clan that is really helpfull on Sieges/PvP and as can buff you.

2. Sadly, because of limits on Buffing, Overlord dont want anything else than being in your party! 

About me... I'm 26 y/o Polish player, but as a lot of people from my country, i live in UK. Usually spending 6+Hours per day in game. I would love to join friendly Clan to have fun together!

At the moment i write this post, i have lvl 23.

Yours, Dokhan.


Don't leave your Overlord alone! Alone overlord is depression lord ! :( 

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