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Welcome to Lineage 2 Classic Experience


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Welcome to Lineage 2 Classic, where you have to chose between 600+queue (have chance to enter and the client shut down) or play a dead server with 800 people that dont talk at all (maybe bots?), where the drop is 1/3 of normal rate and you cant buy consumables or even gear and forces you to buy from the NCstore (so good luck trying to save some adena or even mats) where you die and lose 10% of the xp because is fun and is hardcore, the PK dont drop anything, and so on so on. Seriously this game will be dead in months if there is not a solution.

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disconnect the afk and secondary accounts of the game
many people can not play
everybody has that problem for so many secondary accounts
I saw up to 4 accounts that a person used
6000 online accounts divided by 4(1 player,4 acc)
the result all the people who can not enter

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