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Blocked accounts


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Hello NCSoft support!

Last night my friends and I were playing all together l2classic (Giran) when suddenly we were disconnected and dropped from the game for no reason. After, when we tried to enter the game - the system did not allow us, stating the following message:


"Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. 
Please contact support at
appeal@ncsoft.com ."


We did nothing wrong. We play l2official for more than 7 years and we never received such a message before. It looks like a bug or something. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible or think of compensations, because we miss:

- The double exp weekend

- The free spiritshot packs due to we are unable to log in ncsoft accounts either

- Other people from our friends and clans will go a lot further with leveling than us.


There are total of 4 accounts blocked. Also we did not receive any reply for more than 12h. The request IDs for all characters are as follows:


- 22036967

- 22036969

- 22036970


Currently, this topic is started from another account, since we are unable to login to ours.

We are looking for your reply and solution.

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