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Change hair color after creation?


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is there any way to change the hair color? Since i created a character with my favorite name, but unfortunately i'd like to change the hair color now.. and it's not possible to delete the character immediatley, and i don't really want to wait 3 days just for changing the hair color :(

Is there a way to change the haircolor/style ingame? Or does it work only with the gender change scroll (though it is too expensive for me)


Thanks for the answers

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There are facelifting and hair style/color potions, primarily designated as NCoin store items. If these are currently not available in L2 Store or Galleria, they may be in the future.

Otherwise, these items can also be obtained at certain rate from certain event reward boxes - that is probably your best bet since there should be some events coming up for halloween, black friday, thanksgiving and/or xmas/new year soon.

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