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  1. Server full of bot

    It has been said so many times already, botmasters do not 'do other things in real life'. This is their business and they don't merely operate on L2 or merely on NCSoft games. This is a real business with real business strategy to bring them the most profits. Once they deemed a specific official/illegal server is worth their time, it's over. It works like organized crime except you cannot use the legal system against them. Most of the bots get regular visual checkups; player interactions with bot characters are analyzed and actions are taken; e.g. if you have proven to be an ultra high risk factor, bots will feign afk the moment you come into the same container (2048x2048x1024 units) and will not continue until next regular inspection.
  2. I can't Log in

    If your account is banned, you can login to account management via the website, select Lineage II and you will see that the account status is (in red font) BANNED.
  3. Constructive feedback

    Over the last 62.8 hours, the max amount of online users in Giran was 5949. Over the whole week, TI gets to a bit over 6k, Giran always reaches 6.5k. Check your facts.
  4. Epic solution to botting

    Well, truth to be told, the proposal is terrible no matter how you look at it. The CMs are not required to make that judgement and will simply leave such threads be, but trust me, if there was the ability to -rep, @Goshirak would be swimming in downvotes, both for their use of 'leddit-spacing' as well as continuous spam of baseless conspiracy theories (rather than looking up the facts regarding social engineering).

    So you are saying you are deploying/installing random 3rd party software that usually comes from semi- to very shady websites (namely, where you have no ability to control what the executables do vs what they are advertised to do) and then you get banned. I'm just saying, you might have more important problems than just getting banned from the game, it is likely that someone is gathering in-depth information about you in order to later execute an identity theft. As the saying goes, there is no free cheese.
  6. Wrong, you can pick any of the regions listed here (click the region name to go to the associated website), or also go to RU or EU.
  7. Boxes: ILLEGAL and LEGAL

    Korea just did an update that allows you to autokill mobs, autouse items for buffs and whatnot, etc. Of course, classic side it was only pushed to bloody classic (so far). So sorry, but whomever wrote the faq has no clue about L2 client design.
  8. Decryption hasn't changed for years, the C2 (when it was still encrypted TXTs) version should work just fine. As for mapping values in SafePackage (introduced in C3 to further decrease data size), you can always do that yourself - just look at what values are there and what the corresponding values are in l2wiki. You can completely discard the meshes, sounds and whatnot that is unrelated to stats.
  9. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    You can always go to LIVE instead of CLASSIC.
  10. L2 installation directory/system/ ItemName_classic-e.dat (name/desc) item_baseinfo_classic.dat (adena value for items; *0.45 to get the value that a Light castle NPC will pay for an item) itemstatdata_classic.dat (simple stats, like p/m atk/def, critical rate, etc.) itemgrp_classic.dat/armorgrp_classic.dat/weapongrp_classic.dat (rest of the stats, such as grade, ss consumption, mp consumption for bows, weapon/armor type, paperdoll slot) SetItemGrp_Classic-e.dat (armor set bonuses) recipe_classic.dat (recipe ingredients) EDIT: Unfortunately, anything that is created from these sources tend to be then neglected and become out of date quickly (e.g. L2 Wiki RU/EU maintainers are STILL SLACKING when it comes to Seven Signs stuff, and Koreans are already preparing their SoE build). If you want an up-to-date resource that doesn't get out-of-date the moment a new event (or a new update) arrives to NCw, you must generate it yourself.
  11. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    It's now called "three way junction at the death pass" and is mere 970 adena - so with soe cost it's indeed around 1.5k total Giran -> Oren. Ofc, some people don't want the 3-4 minute run and rather pay 8k+ for instant teleport.
  12. BackStab bug

    You are completely wrong here. Backstab level 1 (classic): Attacks the enemy's unprotected back with 1273 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a dagger to be equipped. Over-hit, critical hit and half-kill are possible. Backstab level 45 (classic): Attacks the enemy's unprotected back with 7681 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a dagger to be equipped. Over-hit, critical hit and half-kill are possible. Backstab level 1 (live): Attacks the enemy's unprotected back with 1107 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a dagger or dual dagger to be equipped. Over-hit, critical hit and half-kill are possible. Backstab level 37 (live): Attacks the enemy's unprotected back with 5479 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a dagger or dual dagger to be equipped. Over-hit, critical hit and half-kill are possible.
  13. /attack bugged since some weeks

    Everyone is incorrect in this thread. This issue has existed for years and is a client problem. Reducing or increasing your ping will not help at all, however less spamming the command will. The best choice for now is to avoid mouse targeting (or, if that is not possible, then open with a skill). If you use /next (prev) target ONLY, you can immediately spam /attack even with 350+ ping and there will be no target jumping.
  14. Dark Wizard Class change quest bugged

    You can definitely complete the quest. You should be able to find them on the outskirts of Swampland.
  15. I have received further info. Apparently Innova has already finished localization of the client; but KR is now working on adjusting the build for them. They indeed plan on getting the patch notes and a test build sometime in Q1 2019. Any news on our situation @Juji @Hime? Is it also Q1 2019? EDIT: It's not exactly all high level content in SoE. There's an equipment upgrade system being added. It works from D to S grade.