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  1. Banned Accounts?

    Nope, there is no need to send anything to the server since the server is what gave you the XP and the items. So really, this report is 100% cosmetic eye candy and nothing is sent to the server when you restart/log out.
  2. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    It's quite hard to understand exactly what you were trying to say here tbh. Raid bosses were only introduced in C2, previously the "raid" bosses were just higher leveled monsters with a group of minions (e.g. Uthanka in TI). Needless to say, such mechanics were pretty screwed, e.g. summoners had a serious advantage. The Lineage II Classic never aspired to undo everything and return to prelude or whatever. The "classic" that you claim is the real "classic" only exists in your head.
  3. Well, despite that PC Cafes are actually a popular cultural thing in KR, it is definitely not a trusted environment, as only the owner knows what kind of software is loaded in these computers. As for discord, there are plenty Discord users (me included) who can vouch that Discord is definitely not enough to get banned.
  4. Adena drop changes

    They don't do announcements in advance, so no way to tell until Dec 31st 2019.
  5. I can agree with this. However, undervolting is only problematic if you want to save it so it would be applied immediately on power on. Then setting a voltage too low will require getting an external hardware tool to be able to reflash to restore working defaults. However, all modern CPUs support runtime clock and voltage adjustments. So as far as undervolting goes (in case of laptops some underclocking might also help with thermals), there isn't any actual risk involved. Only time wasted while searching for the lowest completely stable voltage for a specific clock speed under any load. Software like Intel XTU, ThrottleStop and similar operate as an agent that you run after booting the OS that reconfigures the clocks/voltages on the fly.
  6. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    This is an international server, so that means hiring GMs in three 8-hour shifts. Do you have any clue how expensive that is?
  7. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    "regarding botting". First a bit of history (not the reply I was referring to): And then a very concise reply that identifies the primary cause and gives options (with examples) of how to counter it: Yet most of them were done before this forum was even created. Not entirely sure what your point was here; I had more posts in the deleted forum anyway. Well, the first three posters clearly set the quality bar of this thread. You don't sincerely expect to get insightful replies in a trash tier thread, do you?
  8. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    Not my post count, the forum's post count. This forum is filled with spam threads like this one and spam replies like yours (look at you, you are the OP's alt account that was created just a few minutes ago). In my reply I thoroughly detailed the current situation regarding botting and exactly what can be done to achieve the largest results (hurting and/or deterring bots), all while still staying F2P and not needing live GMs, since apparently that is out of question here. Unfortunately, thanks to constant spam threads with "solutions" that the author hopes they might work (without having any reasoning behind why they would), that thread (and my reply) is now buried under around 15k posts. Have fun finding it TL;DR stop spam and stop creating alt accounts just to spam more
  9. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    I already provided my solutions in a similar thread (if current forum's post counter doesn't lie) around 15 000 posts ago.
  10. Enchantment ***********

    I could do +16 fighter weapons all day everyday, but my best magic weapon (no lady luck) was +11 Atuba. It is unfair, everyone knows that.
  11. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    Someone should really update the censor config to make sure people can't just publicly display their ignorance by creating threads like this. Hurts boxes and private store chars, no effect on bots Item drop was removed intentionally. It was a modification to the game explicitly requested by NCwest, so nothing will change here. Depending on how you compute the hardware configuration identifier, it might be PI. So any bot user can then plead GDPR to remove all PI stored by NCWest and they will be obliged to remove the ban. If it isn't PI, then you are banning random people in addition to the bot, which is not fair at all. Regarding captcha, this "solution" also primarily hits boxes, shops and fishermen, since shops and fishermen have no chance to complete the captcha and will be banned while bots will just continue as they were. TL;DR all suggestions in this thread are trash. l2p L2 and git gud
  12. Banned Accounts?

    Hardly anyone I believe, people use web translation services, such as Google Translate.
  13. Ummmmm.....WHAT??!!

    The first version of fully AFK fishing was introduced midway through Ertheia I believe. Since then there have been at least 5 complete overhauls. In classic, there is the Golden Mermaid's fishing pole that is permanent, gives +50% fishing XP/SP and has teleport skills to Gludin/Giran harbors. The price varies, but should be +/- 18m adena per rod.
  14. Banned Accounts?

    Well, if you have been playing for 'years' you already know the whales will make this game last as long as it needs to. Also, exactly WHY did you think Classic won't die (assume a vegetative state like LIVE servers) in half year tops? Because if you've been playing here for 'years', that (assuming classic will not suffer from instadeath) is an extreme level of delusion right there. How do you manage to function irl in general?