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What exactly are we getting for VIP4??


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So... many of us paid $30 for the chronicle pack and another $20 for 1600 for NCcoin in excitement of starting NA L2classic. (btw why can't we buy 1600 coins?  The double buy of 800 in two transactions is silly, at least let us buy 2 quantities.  But I digress)

This isn't another whiny thread about xp and adena and all that, but I paid a material amount of money for named benefits.  So I want to understand, what did I pay for?

  • xp/sp +25% - I think this is working
  • item drop 50% - This is most likely not working based on evidence that people have posted experimentally, as well as countless anecdotal evidence.
  • Death Penalty Reduction (XP) -20%  - I don't believe this is working.  Should be -3.2% on death, but right now we are all getting 10%.  We should at least be getting 8%.
  • VIP daily box. - ok we are getting this.
  • World Chat - this is true
  • Fishing XP - this is working
  • Silver coin - This is working
  • PVE Damage increase - I haven't tested but let's assume we are.

So all in all we are not getting 2 out of the 8 listed rewards.  that's a 25% fail.  So should we be refunded 25%?  I don't know.  But now we've paid actual money for something we are not getting.  This is in addition and exclusive of the other problems.  I'm sure there are false advertising claims that can be made.  Just wondering what's being done about this, which is probably not getting as much play as the adena/drops issue, but is probably more tangible in terms of actual bs.

Thank you.

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