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@GMs - State of L2 Address?


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Staying on theme, since it is January, I thought it would be nice if you could put together a well thought out "State of L2 Address" post. A lot has happened in the past several months, including a merger, an update, a few survey polls and several events, promos and fiasco's. It would be fun and informative to get your  perspectives on how last year went in your view, and what you expect to try and do this year. I think its fair to say that this community is very interested and educated in all aspects of NC west as an organization that extends beyond just L2. I would even feel free to cover company finances and resource allocation if possible, as Yidao is going to link it several times this year anyways.

I would just ask to be as detailed and informative as you can, no one likes vague meaningless posts... you know what I mean.



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