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Stop crying about adena like toddlers and reclaim about the real problems

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Most of the players don't login because the shitty rates and most of the players can't login due to the shitty server.

Reducing adena & drop rate could be a nice resolution, filtering out non-payers, utilizing server bandwith/capacity for the cash cows.

To be more sarcastic, I don't understand this mini-game called L2 classic at all, it's confusing people who just want to transfer money from one account to another, which is the real game actually.

Now, I've been finally enlighted by the well-experienced C0.0001 pre-alfa players about what the L2 experience realy is:
This game is not about having fun, leveling up, getting rich or powerful. A REAL L2 player is poor, weak, does not care about success or money. The TRUE L2 player is gloriously miserable, killing himself to reduce experience and being proud of his suffering.

Bearing all those traits above, you will end up as a bitcoin farmer, who is maintaining machines (bots) in order to produce money (adena) without any involvement. Luckily, this game offers the opportunity to do all those things without earning a cent, which is completely in line with the needs of TRUE players.

I feel pity for all those NOOBS are being humiliated by a TRUE player who is bragging about how much money he has spent so far to have 0 joy in this game.

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