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Destroyer Frenzy


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Hello there !

Some PPL was talking about Frenzy skill... That scale with your HP when u have +30% .. p atck falls alot..

Well kinda gege for my "trains days"


Do you GM s have something to say about it ?

Will keep this way... Maybe some changes in the futur ?

Thnx alot.. peace!

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I'm not sure if I understand what you're asking.

Do you want to know if Frenzy gets weaker when you heal back to more than 30% HP?

If yes, then no, that's not how Frenzy(or Guts) works in classic.

Frenzy (lvl 1) only gives you +20% p atk(only if you use 2 handed weapons, otherwise it's just 10%), but you can use it at 90% HP instead of 30%, and it also gives you atk speed, speed, accuracy(accuracy is 2 handed weapon only too), crit chance and crit damage.

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Just now, Sporky said:

PPL  were saying after use Frenzy.. when their HP increase the p atck started to falls.

Thnx for the info mate

Yeah, that's how it worked in the later chronicles. It changes sometimes around Hellbound or so, maybe Gracia.

It's entirely different in classic though. I don't know if you lose the bonuses if you are above the hp limit, but since you can use it at 90% I doubt it. The skill description doesn't say anything about it either.

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