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Some AP skills-related questions.


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These are skills which i'm interested in:

1) Guardian's Death Shield - crt. dam. reduction - is this skill reducing autoattack only? what about magic nukes?

2) Guardian's Focus Shield - same question.

3) Guardian's Binding Cover - what are these "immobilizing skills"? lf their list, and, in particular, up-to-date list.

4) Expert Potion's Skill - can you name a potion which this skill affects? Or suggest something like a list.

5) Guardian's Block - does this skill give a chance to block or boosts pdef. of the shield upon blocking a hit?

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1 & 2) standard physical attacks only.

3) skills effects that make you unable to move freely, ie.: aerial yoke, dimensional binding, stun, exile... maybe 'hold'? but dunno about this last

4) any elixir type potion?

5) Shield defense itself, if it would be rate the term "shield defense block rate" would come along. Only worth for tank and some isses, I guess.

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