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Hello all, Im a long time L2 player, Back in C1-C2 i weathered the storm of grinding out 60+ lvls. Now were all back! Its totally awesome seeing all these players run around the old areas. The eleven Village is bustling with life. Talking island village is back where its suppose to be. Everything feels good. However there is this dark elephant sitting next to me. Hes whispering in my ear, why are you VIP 3 and not 4. How many L2 store shots are you gonna buy to make it just to lvl 40. The scavenger i initially made is pretty much worthless. Turns out im writing this during a Maintenance that is suppose to fix the drop and spoil chances, however when has ncsoft ever thrown us a bone. If they actually fix the spoil rate? Will i go back to playing the dwarf? Well i guess the only way to tell is log in and spoil 100 or so mobs. Anyways either way any increase is better than nothing. Currently im rocking out with a Dark Elf Knight and a Human Cleric. Not sure if im going blade dancer or tank yet. Anyways im going to need a clan sometime soon. Im primarily English speaking, 40 years old and work a few days a week. However i still grind it out with the best of them. Giran server is where i hang my hat, Good luck all and try to not KS each other to bad on these new quests, giggles.....

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