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@hime @juji gm's are scamming us nc soft is bs

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check this out it took them a week so far and this is the bs i got GM Kairun Yesterday at 01:00

Hello sodie,

Apologies for the delayed response due to high volume of request we are currently receiving.

From 10/4 -10/18, we are offering players the ability to transfer their Launch Packs to another character on another Classic server. In order for us to process this change, we'll have to verify a couple of things.

1. These items can be located on your character or located in the Dimensional merchant.
2. As part of the item transfer we'll have to delete your existing character once we've transferred over the items. And remove VIP from any character remaining on the previous server. (If you are transferring within the same server we will not be changing your VIP status.)

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your transfer if you would like to keep your character.

If you agree to both of these terms please contact us with the destination server, name of character that currently has the pack, and which character you'd like items transferred to.

We hope to hear from you soon!


GM Kairun
NCSOFT Support Team  


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GM Saika Today at 22:31

Hello there,

I'm about to process this request and found that your character "HeavenToHell" in Talking Island server still didn't claim the Chronicle Pack from the Dimensional Merchant. Before I can transfer the Pack to your character "HeavenToHell" in Aden server, kindly claim first the said Pack from the Dimensional Merchant.

Once done, kindly update us here in this ticket. We will wait for your response.


GM Saika
NCSOFT Support Team

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LINE1 of what the 1st gm replied (These items can be located on your character or located in the Dimensional merchant.)

the whole reason i had to give my char up on talking island is because its impossible to actually log on AND they said as long as its in the dimensional merchant now im suppose to somehow get the f**** back on a server i couldent even logon this is complete bullshyt they are abusing their power and being a holes to increase tension 

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