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Solution for queues and bots, EASY


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Hello to the community, and I hope this will be of help to the Game Masters and Admins.
The problem of waiting queues is causing a lot of discomfort among players, basically if I'm not wrong, queues are produced by the influx of connected characters, and there is a huge% of AFK users both selling, fishing, what you have to add BOTs.

I am aware that in the last updates you could put a character selling in offline mode, the characters afk fishing do not know if that is possible, but basically one way to solve this, is to limit the connection time to for example 4 hours, it is say the limit of time connected continuously is 4 hours. In this way, the game automatically removes all users. I consider that 4 hours is good game time or afk, thus allowing the entry to other users. The system will send you a message 20 minutes before your 4 hours of play to warn you and avoid disconnection at a time of party or leveo, and if you are afk, selling or fishing, you will be released after that time.

In case of BOTs, it will make your task difficult because they will have to be logged in from time to time, and as in previous cases, they will be expelled after the time.

NOTE: I have specified 4 hours, but it could be others, 3 hours or 5 hours, as considered.

Another option is to add 2 new servers with the same time zone as the Talkin Islan and Giran servers and allow the migration to those servers of the users they wish.

I hope this offers ideas for the work of the administrators.

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