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Everything is worth playing but it depends on what you want. On classic he got nice changes for sure. Ranged stun on sonic blast, buff to evade physical attacks and skills, triple slash now adds hex like debuff and all this made him strong for sure. Still all these strong skills don't mean a lot in pve or mass pvp. Maybe you would find a place in aoe party but apart from that you don't offer anything else. You are just mainly single target damage dealer that blows trough mana. If you are seeking to participate in raids or castle sieges then there are better picks for sure. In small scale pvp if you are good but still there are better picks.

The class is ok but it depends what you want out from it. For example why would someone invite glad to raids.

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On 10/17/2018 at 6:23 PM, Nomilla said:

a few can be cast by a single hand weapon, like sonic blast, and thats it. xD

Sonic storm, blaster and buster can be used with any weapon. To compensate for losing sonic slash skills you get hammer crush and fatal strike. Stuff like two handed glad looks cool as skill animations are cool but it's sad that it isn't worth using any other weapon than duals. The only other option I can see is using blunt for stun.
It's strange that few skills can be used by fists and spears...

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