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Giving priority login to players who have spent the 5 or 10 dollars low end to support their servers is not a problem at alll get over it. If you were a company then you would focus on your spenders first too. Its how the world works get over it.

If you have been trying to get on talking island for a week and then after not being able to log in you bought ncoins for vip and still cant get in, thats your own dault for not realizing on the 500 posts in the forums that you couldnt activate it outside of the game get over it.

If you have a provlem with 3 boxes then get over it, thats the model they advertised and the model people purchased packs based on, people will be charging back if they suddenly say hey guys go bleep yourselves you cant use the 3 boxes you purchased because we said you could use them. Yes afkers at bosses should probably be stopped so more players can log but removing 3 boxing so people including the ones who cant even take it upon themselves to drop 5 dollars and probably will not play more than a week can play is idiotic.

Complaining that you got banned and theres still bots on the game running around.. Lets take a minute to see how curing a mass outbreak works.  You start curing it and it takes time to fully cure it..Hard concept I know but this doesnt happen overnight. Im aure atleast half of you are just butthurt you got caught botting and thought you could get away with it since it was a f2p model.. Or you probably shared an account.. Get over it

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