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Thanks NCWest for this event!


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Just want to leave this here...

Returned to L2 in the first week of 2018 out of nostalgia, craving some fun instances and party xp. Even poured some money to get decent gear so that I am even allowed to join K99 as DD. Now I am happy that this event hit us. Opened my eyes quite quickly where this game is and where it is heading. Pouring the money will never end, there's always another instance to which you need even better PvE equipment. Event stopped me in my traces after two weeks of false hope. For that, I thank you NCWest, for saving my wallet.

Small tip for goodbye - ever heard of "small profit, large volume" method? Probably not. Let me explain - less money required per player to spend to play on reasonable level (and I mean decently beating K99 as a party of 7 99 lvl chars with normal not OE gear), fewer people quitting, more people happy, more people paying small amounts, more revenue.

Yet again, thank you NCWest for not taking more of my money. So glad this event happened.

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IT is sad, i was like you; trying to go down the memory lane....read somethings in forum and game, decided to quit at level 65 and go to play WoW.

I cant believe that i cannot whisper, chat or send some kind of message until im 76 or something like that; among other things how am i going to join a party or guild if i can talk?

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