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Ban Chat 834min


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9 hours ago, OmenOfSteel said:

If some players block you, you get that chatban automatically.

This "system" is heavily abused to annoy enemies.

In your case it might help if you put in longer /delay to your macro shouts.

I Know OmenOfWood, thats why you get banned on day last dayz :)

Remember you got chance to report that "enemys" who /block you everyday on that site : https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us

I get mail last dayz 

"In regards to your character, I have reviewed the situation and determined that your character was not spamming, advertising adena sales or other prohibited activities. The sanction has been lifted from your character so you're welcome to continue playing normally.


If anything else comes up, let us know.


GM Enitsuji
NCSOFT Support Team"


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