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[NA] Talking Island - Tenacious - Hardcore at Heart Casual by Nature - Recruitment Closed


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We are a huge gaming community founded in 2009, held together by friends and all our good times together in games.
We provide a laid back & fun gaming environment. We plan regular Social Events and Community Run Contests; Game specific events.
We are a multi-gaming community and many members join for more than one guild at a time.
TENACIOUS is the kind of place you settle down in.
Make friends.
Pour a drink.

If you're looking for a guild of adult gamers that understand real life comes first,
But doesn't use that as an excuse to be mediocre gamers - Look no further.
We are pushing the limits of what people have come to expect from a Semi-Casual Guild.

Being a Casual Guild - to us, at least - does not mean that we do not have goals.
It does not mean we don't care about your progression.
It does not mean we do not try our best .

It does mean we will never force a certain playstyle or have a hard level or gear requirement,
because we understand that real life obligations take priority,
because we welcome all kinds of players who want to play and have fun,
because your gear score doesn't define who you are as a friend and guildmate,
because we expect you to join and stay with us for the long haul.

You'll improve. We'll improve. We'll grow and get better together.
And make no mistake: When **** needs to get done; We WILL get it done.

In TENACIOUS no matter what you come to us with:
You will progress. You will experience everything Lineage 2 has to offer. And you will have fun doing it.

Organized Involved Leadership
Active Website with Community Forums
Active Playerbase
Class Mentorship
Grind Groups
PvP Practice

Mumble Server where at least somebody is always online
Active community wide discord
And Most Importantly: Friends to enjoy this awesome game with!

Don't be an asshat
Be an active involved member of our community
Follow our rules of engagement... We are not a PK Guild
Be at our Node Wars once a week
Come into mumble and don't be a stranger
Get bigger, badder, and stronger!

If any or all of this sounds awesome to you please visit our website.
Check out our Charter: https://www.tenaciousgamers.com/forums/index.php?threads/charter.6229/
and write an appropriate Introduction Post (Hint: How to do it is written in the charter)

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