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Depends on what level you are.

As a newbie u obtain a bracelet via quest which allows u to mount a rocking horse (basically a wooden horse). It's not some special quest. U get it as u lvl your toon up. Been a long time since I made a new toon, but i think u should get it before level 40. U need to equip that bracelet which can be found in your inventory and then go to skills (ALT+K), scroll down and u'll see in the "Transform section" u'll have a skill called "summon a rocking horse". 

You get a "real" mount once u awaken (lvl 85). This one doesn't need any special accessories in order to summon it. Can also be found in the same skills section as mentioned above. What type of a mount u get is class-depended. All classes get horses, except for ertheia, who get a fox. 

Other mounts can be found by doing quests. For low lvls, Wolf and Hatching are one of them. But u need to lvl them up and evolve them in order to be able to mount them.

Some mounts (like air bike) can be bought through other players or obtained from your clan shop with reputation points (think u also need to be awakened in order to see the clan shop - not sure about that one tho).

Wish u the best of luck in L2! :) 

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