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  1. Request: Cursed Swords

    Your numbers are very highly exaggerated. My estimated number of 60 active is both sides combined. nova+ProPVE usually has around 45 people, and until recently FS+Mapogos had around 15 that actually participated, with several others who were active but didnt attend or play untagged evis. If this event was shifted to an earlier time. total participation would easily be cut in half or even worse.
  2. Request: Cursed Swords

    Swords already start at exactly the same time as olympiad lol. both start at 4pm est. Another key difference you are overlooking here though is that Olympiad is on the weekends and not when most NA/SA people are working.
  3. Request: Cursed Swords

    It's not hard to understand when you consider that when a sword drops you usually only have a couple of seconds before it is retrieved. When time scales are so short, being 1 or 2 seconds faster than your competition will result in victory almost every single time.
  4. Request: Cursed Swords

    Furthermore, as far as the accusations of using programs to gain an advantage in picking up the swords, these are direct attacks at L0RELEI and myself. As I have stated many many times, we aren't using anything more than fast fingers, fast pcs, and a fast connection so I too would welcome a GM presence at swords but I fear even this would not prove our innocence as the GM would see we are innocent and end up taking no action (exactly as they should). But these same people who are wanting the GM there will simply twist the story to say the GM's are working with us or some other variant of that story. All of these accusations go back to the root if this post as well, that is the people who currently aren't doing well at swords would rather blame others and try to twist the game to their will than accept that they are being beaten and look at themselves and what they could change for ways to succeed.
  5. Request: Cursed Swords

    Cursed swords are supposed to be a mass pvp event and the times they are active represent the periods of highest server activity which encourages as many to participate as possible. There are currently 60+ people, just from the top clans, who participate in the cursed swords on a daily basis and easily 20-30 more who are active from these same clans but choose not to participate because they don't handle losing well. If the time were to change I can 100% guarantee that this number of active people will go down significantly. This thread is nothing more than the loud minority trying to bend the majority of players to their will so that they have a better chance of taking control of the sword drops. They have no interest in healthy server that allows as many people as possible to participate, they only care about winning by any means possible.
  6. Chronos Siege - 7/5/2020

    iAleira - Clan: ProPVE Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz18fSw4Yz8
  7. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    I am perfectly on topic, and even agree with your post on this particular subject. Just making sure people see your motives for posting this now, when you didn't give a damn about it before. This post combined with the recent shouts in game have made your motives are clear as day. Greed destroys clans faster than anything so I hope the other 99% of your clan aren't being driven by the same lines of thought that you are.
  8. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    We posted this topic years ago, when ms was starting to win dragons via click war. We had lots of support then as well, but no action. It's hilarious that of all people pushing for it now, the guy who doesn't even pvp is the one posting it. Ando i'm glad you're finally posting something that isn't completely trash, but you're also beyond transparent man. The only reason you care about this at all is you see a chance for opportunity, and your greed is kicking into over drive. While we're at it, lets turn Giran into a pvp zone. PvP for the most over priced shops. There is something Ando would actually be good at.
  9. OK lets close this thread, Divekio came to his senses. https://imgur.com/a/RlSxbQ1
  10. how could they know? easy. its called thinking. use your brain. what other active siege zone can you use a myteleport into? desperate people do desperate things... not much more to say. I suspect they were purely baking on power in numbers, combined with some group think of a few individuals influencing the others to think it was ok. MS: "Well I know they banned people in the past for this, but surely they wont ban us all, I mean, look how much money we spend."
  11. just let the topic die... there is no arguing with divekio. He is too stubborn to see any perspective but his own twisted reality. there have been some valid points made, but in the end, it comes down to 1 of 2 things... either bullies being uphappy that they cannot bully as effectively as they wish, or players recently banned and grasping at straws and lashing out at others in an effort to blame others.
  12. there i fixed it for you.
  13. but yet, it was in the middle of an active siege ground. so lets think about this more.... a simple coding glitch allowed a very small region of the siege field to register as aden territory. using a glitch to your advantage is an exploit. the penalties for using terrain exploits were well defined due to your clan, and yet you decided to ignore them. ive done the math and made the arguments... justice was served and now you all are crying like children that you received the same exact punishment that precedent dictated would happen.
  14. accidental double post
  15. honestly, no it doesn't... not without context anyways... the context youre missing is as follows: ms reported a player for using myteleport to access the top of a tree that was previously accessed with a wyvren (no different than the roof of parnassus that we've all had for years). nc somehow decided that this player's location was indeed an exploit, since she was holding a blood sword, and she recieved a perma ban for it this ban was later reversed after the player fully explained to them how she got there (NC was clueless) its also worth mentioning how dumb this is, since you can still hide in castles, forts, ect. following all of this, nc disabled blood swords for a month and a half and made numerous posts, both in game and on forums, about not using my teleports to participate in terrain exploits. that brings us to the current bans... even though all these rules were put in place at the request of ms, they thought the rules didnt apply to them and used my teleport to port into the middle of an active siege ground. now they are mad because they got the same treatment that the previously mentioned player recieved. enjoy!