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Petition - Remove PK Points


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I am fine with Karma being the way it is.  Being red flags you to the whole server, and if you kill someone you either need to grind for awhile or suffer about 2-3 deaths to remove red status which greatly limits your gameplay.  I think thats fine.  The PK points being so low at 4, means that you can kill someone once and basically go PK 4 and drop items after they bring their box accounts to come attack you and you defend yourself.  The way its set up with high Karma PK points are making any grind spot pvp completely worthless and takes a lot of the fun out of the game.  At this point I would suggest completely removing PK points or updating PK points to say 10 points before item drop and make Sin Eater Quest drop 5 points per completion.  


Before you say how it was at launch or C1, please understand this is a completely different game.  Its free to play which means there is no drawback for people to have 3 accounts and constantly send them at you.  And with high karma rates the moment you go red you basically lost your spot and need to go farm elsewhere for an hour.  


If you think PK points should be removed or nerfed, please post below and bring this issue to the front. 

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