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Experience rate


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I have been looking into the experience rate lately and I have noticed that its not even correct...


Orc Captain should give u 530 EXP
It gives u 437 EXP
Thats 20% less (Do that x20 and u will see what impact 20% has)
VIP 2 Gives u 10% (thats 43,7 bonus exp from VIP 2)
The text ingame shows that its actually 39 as bonus (So u pay for VIP 2 and u actually get 8% instead of 10..)


Also there is a Character level table
The exp increases slighty but at lvl 22 it goes from 187k to 415k? Thats 220% increase in experience.
Lvl 23 is from 415 to 505 which is 120% experience.

Looking forward to see a reaction from NCSoft Team.


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The wiki is for Skelth, we don't have the same rates.

You're getting the right VIP bonus.  437 is the total, including your bonus.  You got a base of 398 and a 10% bonus of 39.

Yes, there are a few levels where there's a big jump in xp.  That's intended, it's existed in every versiion of classic.

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